Claire and Malcolms weddingday

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The following conversation took place when I called the very bureaucratic weather department, to place an order for sunny weather (true story):

– Hi, my name is Jenny and I would like to order a sunny day for Claire and Mal’s wedding.
– Uuuuuhm, sorry but we’re out.
– Out of what?
– Sunny days.
– Ok, but we need weather, so what do you have left?
– Well, we have dark and cloudy days, or sunny and rainy days.
– Do you only have the sunny days with the rain option?
– Yeah, well, rain isn’t really an option, it’s sun and rain, or just dark clouds.
– Well then, I’ll take a sunny and rainy day please.
– You don’t want the cloudy day?
– Nah.
– No?
– No.
– Sure?
– Yeah.
– Really?
– Yeah, really!
– What do you have against cloudy days?
– Nothing, but I really want the sunset, clouds can’t beat that light you know!
– Ok then, thought you were discriminating the clouds there for a while.
– How would you like the rain? Light pouring all day or one hour big wet drops with some wind on the side?
– Well, can I schedule the sun and rain? In that case I take the big wet drops.
– Sure you can. I’ll send over a form and make sure you write precisely on the minute when the sun is going to shine and when the rain is to pour all over you.
– Great, I’ll do some planning and get back to you, thanks!

Well, to be totally honest, this might not be totally accurate, but it could’ve been a true story!
Because in my almost ten years and hundreds of weddings, I’ve never had this well planned weather on a weddingday!

This wedding, I’ll remember this wedding forever! Not just because of the perfect timing of the rain (and the sun who came out just in perfect time for the ceremony, AND to give us a stunning sunset), but also for the warmth, the cute adventurous kid, the sisters (yes I will honor my promise), the cousins, the practising of the wedding dance, the bold ones who got up on a chair for the group photo, the great food, the song… omg, the perfect entry song, the mothers,the fathers, the teary eyes, the laughter, Mal’s look on his face when he first saw his bride, Claire’s look on her face when they exchanged rings, the flowergirls, the love from all your amazing family and friends…

Well, enough with me talking, without further due, here’s some of my favourites from the day. Once again, thank you soooo much for letting me be a part of your day, I love you guys!

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  • Liam Warton

    Superfina bilder som alltid!!

    • Jenny Drakenlind

      Tack snälla vad glad jag blir! 😘 Deras bröllop var en helt fantastisk dag, så många underbara människor de har i sitt liv!

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