Styled photo shoot, sneak peek

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Sometimes, you just get this idea in your head and it won’t go away until you do something about it. For instance, I just looove ballons. I’ve seen them on fantastic pictures thousands of times and yet I don’t get tired of them! So, this idea started with a balloon. A red huge, giant balloon! And then it grew, I want to photograph all the nice things I like, ballons, sweet candy, beautiful cakes, lovely colors and… well, It ended up with me working my ass of to arrange everything and from being just a small photoshoot with my son, it became a table with sweets, and I drove around the town just to find the right bowtie (wich we forgot to put on until the end of the photosession…). Well, we got up 5 am this morning and we didn’t have much time, the kids start school at 8, but we had time for a few great images, this is one of them!

Come back in a few days to see the rest of the styled photo shoot!


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